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String & Tie Envelopes

String & Tie Envelopes

Customize your heart out with these beautiful string-tie envelopes. Pair them with your choice of wedding invitations, baby shower invites, or your favorite greeting cards.

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String Tie Envelope 4 x 3 inches

4" x 3" 

Button & String Envelope 5 x 3.5 inches

5" x 3.5"

String Tie Envelopes A2

A2 (4 ¼”h x 5 ¾”w)

String and Button Envelopes A6

A6 (4 ⅞”w x 6 ½”h)

String Tie Envelopes Size A7

A7 (7 ⅝”w x 5 ⅝”h)

String Tie Envelopes #10

#10 (4 ⅛”w x 9 ½”h)

 what people are saying...

"I love these little envelopes and have purchased them several times. Quality has not gone down but UP in recent fulfilments. Will continue to buy and recommend. Thank you!"
"Very nice & useful envelopes. If you ever need an envelope for bulk papers or money, these are very nice looking & handy to have. Thank You SO MUCH! :)"
"Beyond exceptional service, turnaround and quality. I highly recommend this product and Fire Hound Press. Thanks for making LowTides Ocean Products look awesome!"
w/ LowTides Ocean Products
"The perfect packaging for my new RGB photo series! Envelopes arrived exactly as described and they are clearly made with great care. So glad to meet and collaborate with Sherree."
"This is my second time ordering these cute little envelopes. They are perfect for USBs I sent to clients. So cute, durable and love that you can pick the color of string!"
"Above and beyond customer experience. She is super helpful and overall amazing! She helps me deciding the size of envelopes! The products are soooooo high quality! Ill give 10/10 reviews!!! Highly recommended!"
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