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String Tie Envelopes

String-Tie Envelopes and Custom Stationery from an Independent Artist and Entrepreneur

Fire Hound Press is a small, independent artist-owned business offering string tie envelopes, stationery, and custom letter services. From button and string envelopes to eye-catching custom-stationary, we offer a wide range of specialty services designed to help you stand out..

String Tie envelope place setting card
Printed String-Tie Envelope
Button & String Envelopes

Planning a wedding or special party? Grab your guests' attention with a beautifully designed custom invitation featuring your own letterhead. Or perhaps you recently had an event and want to send special thank you notes to all your attendees.

Printed Seed Packet
Photo Envelopes

Nothing says gratitude like a custom note made on an old-fashioned letterpress. Send them out in classic button and string envelopes to give your letters an added touch of class and sophistication. At Fire Hound Press, we can handle all your stationery needs, no matter what the circumstances.

String and Button Envelope

Company founder Sherree is an independent artist with a passion for creative designs and paper products. She maintains a full-service creative studio complete with a 1908 Chandler and Price letterpress, which is how she creates all her custom products. Her studio is based in Fort Worth, TX, but you can order her one-of-a-kind string tie envelopes online and have them shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Small string tie envelope

Get in touch today if you have any comments or questions about our products. We are happy to assist and provide recommendations on what makes the most sense for what you're planning. We offer button and string envelopes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. We also offer a stunning array of custom stationery that will offer an added flair to your communications. Take a look at the products we have available on our website and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any comments or questions.

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