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Fire Hound Press Has An Assortment Of Products To Enhance Your Special Event

Fire Hound Press is an independently owned business that offers multiple products, including stationary letters, custom letters, and string tie envelopes. Fire Hound Press is known for its appealing designs that will help your creation stand out. If you are planning a wedding or special ceremony, you can create your own invitation using a unique letterhead. This is a great way to send a personalized message to your guests. Perhaps you simply want to thank all the attendees who helped make your event special. Sending a custom note is a great option. Consider choosing a classic button and string design to add a layer of class. Regardless of your stationery needs, Fire Hound Press can assist you. Fire Hound offers products in different shapes and sizes to ensure that your needs are met. The staff will assess your situation and give feedback on which products may suit your needs.

Custom Envelopes

Custom envelopes are the perfect touch to help your special events go to the next level. Regardless of whether you are getting married, planning a birthday party, or any other special occasion, you are covered. Planning a special event can be overwhelming. Fire Hound Press is committed to alleviating some stress through helping you find the right stationery to send out invitations. Once the event is over, you can develop a template to send out custom thank you notes to everyone who attended.

Custom Stationery

With all the recent technological advancements, many people don’t write letters as much anymore. However, there is still something special about sending a heartfelt letter that digital communication can’t provide. Fire Hound Press will help you create a personalized letter. Sending a letter shows that extra level of care that the recipient will appreciate. If you have a life-changing event approaching, custom invitations are recommended. Fire Hound Press uses a classic letterpress to create cards and invitations. The letterpress also adds an extra layer of sophistication and flair. You and your guests will be happy with the results.

Featured Products

String tie envelopes are a popular item. They include a long string so that the message is delivered safely. Fire Hound Press uses recyclable materials. You can choose the string and button that aligns with the type of event that you are having. Laser printing services are available. The Leopard Thank You cards are another option. These thank you cards were made with cotton, and they are acid free. Fire Hound Press ingrains the ink into the paper, which adds durability.

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