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Custom Wedding Envelopes and Letterpress Cards from a Passionate Artist

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Your wedding is an important occasion. So to make it extra special, why not invest in custom wedding envelopes and letterpress cards to send as invitations. At Fire Hound Press, we specialize in creating custom stationery for any occasion. Whether you're getting married, hosting a baby shower, planning a birthday party, or starting a new business, we can supply you with all the paper products you need.

place setting envelopes | string and button
Dusty blue letterpress wedding invitations

We've got you covered.

Planning a wedding can get stressful. From booking the venue to organizing the catering, there are so many moving pieces that it's easy to get overwhelmed. We want to help take some of that burden off your shoulders by helping with some of the hassles of sending out invitations. From custom letterpress cards to wedding envelopes, when it comes to stationery, we've got you covered.

Tailored to your liking

We have a wide array of string tie envelopes available on our website that can be tailored to your liking. We also own a working letterpress machine, which gives us the ability to create gorgeous custom invitations that your guests will love. Plus, we can also help you create a similar batch of custom thank you notes to send to guests who brought gifts.

letterpress tahnk you card
Apsen themed letterpress wedding invitations

Create excitement 

Show your friends and family that you value their company by investing in a gorgeous line of custom letterpress cards. It will make your invitations that much more unique and create excitement amongst your guests about the upcoming event.

At Fire Hound Press, we are dedicated to providing our clients with unique products that help them express their love and gratitude to the important people in their lives. No matter what the occasion, we will help you craft something truly remarkable that friends and family will never forget. Get in touch today if you have any additional questions about our custom wedding envelopes or other products.

Dedicated to uniqueness 

String and Tie Envelope
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